FUNNBAR is the first of its kind! Protein has never tasted this good or been so convenient. Each FUNNBAR packs 15 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in 10 individually wrapped chews that taste like candy! These delicious, gluten-free chews are available in all-natural flavors: Caramel & Chocolate, Tropical Berry, Watermelon, Citrus Blast, Grape and Cookies & Cream. FUNNBAR is the perfect protein snack for eating on the run, throwing in your gym bag or sharing with a friend.

This is not your regular protein bar!


Individually Wrapped Chews

Delicious, Soft, Bite Sized

Easy To Share

Funn and Innovative

Low Calorie, High Protein High Fiber Snack

Gluten Free, Sugar Free


You know once it's open you're eating the whole bar

Lockjaw inducing texture

Sloppy seconds anyone?

Great, another waxy chocolate bar

Nothing low calories about this gas inducing gut bomb

Fillers, fillers, and more fillers